Your Surroundings Are Important For Your Health

The place where you spend most of your time is guaranteed to have an effect on you. Whether on account of the colors influencing your mood, the noise levels either comforting you or disturbing you (depending on your preference), or because of the level physical comfort you have at hand, the simple fact of the matter is that where you live to a large extent determines how you live.

Now, the overriding factor in your environment is the level of cleanliness, both seen and unseen. The worse the dirt, the worse you feel. Both mentally and physically. Ask your doctor if you doubt me.

The next factor is the people around you. The nicer they are, again, the better you feel. This isn’t rocket science.

All other environmental factors are either magnified or diminished, based on these two overriding factors.

With this in mind, it becomes easy to understand the search by hospitals and medical care centers to find top of the line staff for every position available, right down to the housekeeping. It isn’t just about making a more impressive display for prospective customers, it is about affording higher quality health care to its clients, which is every medical establishment’s ultimate goal. (Planned Parenthood not included. Oh, wait. That’s a political and financial establishment, not a medical one.)

So remember, in a medical facility, every position in the building contributes to the patients’ wellbeing, right down to the secretaries pushing papers. (Yes, I am referring to the way they help the administrators get their jobs done. No, I am not referring to their smiles, the patients never get to see those.) I was originally going to say ‘right down to the janitors who take out the trash’, but everyone already knows how that’s a medical necessity. The only exception to this rule are the government mandated health inspectors, who without exception are bad for the health of everyone in the building.


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