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If you are planning to begin your career in the field of nursing, then you are in the right direction. This field is evolving continuously with time, creating some attractive job opportunities for nursing candidates. However, before entering this field, it will be better for you to explore the Nursing Career Information in New York so that you can choose the best job for you. Well, even though there are different types of nursing posts that you choose, below are the three major positions that you should not ignore if you want to become a successful nurse in this field. Have a look at those three major nursing positions.


A CNA has emerged as an important position in the field of nursing. They handle a lot of responsibilities that make them a crucial part of healthcare. Even though it is generally considered an entry-level position, CNA can open your doors to other healthcare professions. If you want to work as a CNA, then you should know about CNA Nursing Career Information in New York along with the duties of a CNA.

  • A CNA nurse assists the patients with meals and feeding. Besides, they also handle the turning, ambulating, and positioning tasks to make the patient feel comfortable. Furthermore, they make sure that the patients are getting all the required nourishment.
  • They also offer adjunct care to the required patients by administering douches, surgical preps, enemas, non-sterile dressings, sitz, ice packs, applying restraints, and more.
  • Maintains the patient’s stability by regularly checking weight, and vital signs, recording intake information, conducting different tests, and more.
  • Offers a sufficient level of comfort by using the available material and resources, answering the calls, transporting the patients, and reporting the patients’ activities to the supervisor or doctor.
  • Handling the documentation and completing logs, reports, forms, and records.
  • Maintaining hospital activities by following the necessary policies.
  • Enhance the reputation of the hospital and department by accepting different requests and exploring new opportunities.
  • Well, the job roles and responsibilities of a CNA can vary based on the hospitals and facilities. So, before applying for a job, you should carefully read the Nursing Career Information in New York and make sure that you can handle the responsibilities.
  • Carefully monitor the patient’s health, for example, vital signs as well as an overall health condition.
  • Regularly changing patients’ dressings and applying catheters
  • Maintaining the patients’ histories as well as maintaining documentation
  • Assisting people with different tests and procedures
  • Offering personal care, assisting the patients in bathing and toileting
  • Regularly consulting with a registered nurse to come up with different healthcare plans.

Well, the job roles and responsibilities of a CNA can vary based on the hospitals and facilities. So, before applying for a job, you should carefully read the Nursing Career Information in New York and make sure that you can handle the responsibilities.


Candidates who are new to the nursing field might not know that actually there are many options to become a nurse. For example, you can begin working as a nurse by becoming an LPN. Well, even though the scope of practice of an LPN may seem a little smaller than an RN- Registered Nurse, there are some important duties that they need to perform. So, have a look at some important responsibilities that you may need to perform while working as an LPN.


There is no doubt that working in the healthcare industry can be very challenging, but at the same time, it can be very rewarding. If you want to pursue a career in this, becoming an RN can be a great option for you. However, before applying for it, let’s have a look at the responsibilities of an RN.

  • Carefully observing, assessing as well as speaking to the patients regarding their health.
  • Properly recording all the details along with symptoms of the patients, such as medical history.
  • Preparing your patients for treatment and different tests.
  • Properly administering treatments and medications, carefully monitoring the side effects and reactions of the patients.
  • Forming, implementing as well as evaluating patient care plans.
  • Helping doctors in different medical procedures as required.
  • Monitoring and operating different medical tools and equipment.
  • Educating patients and their family members about different treatments and healthcare plans.

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