Cherish your career as a registered nurse with us at Five Star Nursing Being the biggest nursing job provider, we remain under constant expectations of delivering the best. And, we have been thoroughly up to the mark so far, promising the same in the future as well.

It’s considered the best phase for registered nursing professionals. Explore the best from the galore with us at Five Star Nursing. Five Star Nursing Services is a premium name in the nursing staffing arena. We have immense experience in this field with a thoroughly proven track record. No matter it’s about placing a beginner or an experienced nursing professional, we promise the best possible scope for all. No matter you are interested in working as a nursing professional in hospitals, with a private physician, or for a domestic/residential healthcare service provider, Five Star Nursing can be reliable in all aspects.


Being distinguishing

At Five Star Nursing, we are enriched with a team of highly qualified business developers and thus know how to explore opportunities for registered nurses. We are distinguished as we discover the modes of placement for registered nursing professionals that they never imagined. For example, we have placed many registered nurse professionals in military hospitals and camps. Where others manage to place only a few in such sectors, we at Five Star can provide any amount of opportunities. If you have no issues with traveling abroad, we have a galore of such opportunities.

Providing job as per your convenience

We are a responsible agency. We understand the fact that some (especially women) have timing constraints, which impasses their desire to be full-time nursing professionals. We are always available to help nursing professionals such as providing them the opportunity to work as per their flexibility of working schedules. Carrying the massive experience in the nursing staffing arena, we understand well what comes in the way of a qualified nurse and her opportunity for jobs. Moreover, we are always available to help prospective candidates on this matter. We can guide and help the interested candidates towards sharpening their skills and ensure they feel confident while appearing in the interviews. It’s not just the study-related or technical aspects those troubles the candidates; rather, the tests are based on situations where most people struggle. We can help the candidates through useful tips and thus make them feel confident about appearing such challenges proficiently.

You are guaranteed to get the best as of your proficiency

If you are a registered nurse, we at Five Star Nursing can promise you the best job scopes; irrespective of your educational path. No matter whether your educational background is a bachelor’s degree in science or simply an associate degree in nursing or even a diploma, we can provide you with the best job as on your experience. All that you need to ensure is that you are thoroughly registered and licensed.

No excuses; we challenge ourselves to provide the best

We don’t believe in excuses when it comes to salaries. Being a reputed service provider, we take it as a challenge to provide the best package for the interested candidate. In this context, we claim about providing an average annual package of around $71k for registered nurses. This figure has to grow by the experience level and roles.

Preparing you for the future

The good news for prospective registered nurses is that their employment rate is speculated to grow by more than 12 percent in the coming decade. Through the process, the growth rate is indeed higher than in any other profession. There are many reasons behind the probable growth. The increasing rate of chronic states and cases is figured out as one of the prominent among them. Apart from these, the growing cases of diabetes and the demand for preventive care are also considered among the prime reasons. Registered nurses who remain in contact with us remain thoroughly aware of these. At the same time, we also help them with how to prepare for making the most of such opportunities.

Providing the complete scenario

We at Five Star Nursing don’t believe in keeping things under the shade; neither are we interested in simply fulfilling formality by providing them anything. Rather, we provide a perfect comparative analysis of the job duties, and academic requirements for different positions for registered nurses. This helps the candidates in better decision-making.

All it needs is to connect with us!

To sum up things, we at Five Star Nursing can provide all-out help for the prospective nursing professionals. Be it in terms of their qualifications, experience, or expertise; we can help the interested candidates on all matters. Those who are not interested in conventional positions can also expect positions like clinical tutors through us. Similarly, those who are interested in simply government sectors can also expect an equal level of accomplishment through us. In this context, we suggest connecting with us even while pursuing the studies. Rest, we can assure you of the best result!

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