<button class="acc-btn">WHAT IS LONG TERM CARE, LTC?</button>

Any work done in a nursing home.

<button class="acc-btn">CAN I USE MY CLINICAL AS LONG TERM CARE EXPERIENCE?</button>

No, regrettably we can only accept LTC experience that comes from paid experience.

<button class="acc-btn">DO YOU HAVE FULL TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE?</button>

Our agency staffs full time, part-time, and per diem positions. Contact the recruitment department today to find out the current placement options available.

<button class="acc-btn">DO YOU STAFF HOME HEALTH AIDS (HHA)?</button>

Regrettably, at the current time we only staff in nursing homes. We do not staff home health aides.

<button class="acc-btn">DO YOU STAFF IN HOSPITALS OR CLINICS?</button>

Regrettably, at the current time we only staff in Nursing Homes and Rehab Centers.

<button class="acc-btn">HOW CAN I APPLY?</button>

You can apply online or you can send your resume to A recruiter will help you find a position in your field closest to your home.

<button class="acc-btn">WHERE CAN I FILL OUT AN APPLICATION?</button>

We have offices in Cranberry. Our hours for Applicants are from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm from Monday to Thursday. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to a recruiter for assistance.



First call Five Star on-call services @ 412-668-4435, then the on-call coordinator at your facility. You are required to give a minimum of 2-hour notification prior to cancel your shift.

<button class="acc-btn">WHAT DO I DO IF I DON’T KNOW WHO THE ON CALL COORDINATOR IS?</button>

You can reach out to the facility directly for that one time, and ask for the nursing supervisor or staffing department. The very next day, be sure to call your Five Star coordinator to get the on-call information.

<button class="acc-btn">CAN I GET A FULL TIME POSITION AT FIVE STAR?</button>

Five Star Nursing is an agency- we cannot guarantee a number of shifts per week as it is per diem work. However, many of our facilities do have a lot of availability. You should always keep in contact with your coordinator in case he/she has last-minute shifts available.

<button class="acc-btn">WHERE CAN I FILL OUT AN APPLICATION?</button>

We have offices in Cranberry. Our hours for Applicants are from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm from Monday to Thursday. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to a recruiter for assistance.


<button class="acc-btn">HOW DO I ENROLL FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT?</button>

Please have you bank fax a direct deposit form to 718-504-4995. Your Name, Social Security Number, Account Number, & Routing Number, should be included on the form. Be sure to sign the form authorizing Five Star to set up direct deposit for you.

<button class="acc-btn">WHAT IS A W2 FORM FOR?</button>

A W2 form is from your Employer and is used for your Tax return.

<button class="acc-btn">WHERE WILL MY W2 FORM GO?</button>

To the last address you have on file with our company.

<button class="acc-btn">I HAVE LEFT FIVE STAR; DO I STILL GET MY W-2 FORM?</button>

Yes, it will get sent out to the last known address.

<button class="acc-btn">WHEN WILL I GET MY W2 FORM?</button>

The W2 forms are sent out the last week of January.

<button class="acc-btn">I FORGOT TO PUNCH IN OUT, WHAT DO I DO?</button>

Contact our Payroll Department at 718-534-7400.


<button class="acc-btn">DOES FIVE STAR NURSING RENEW MY CNA LICENSE?</button>

Yes, the HR department at Five Star Nursing automatically renews your CNA license from the last day you worked with our agency. If you are an active employee you do not need to do anything but wait for it to come in the mail. Once it does you will need to send us a copy of your new CNA Registration. You can fax it to 718-619-4220 or you can email it to

<button class="acc-btn">HOW DO I CHANGE MY ADDRESS?</button>

Contact our HR Department via email at or call us at 718-534-7400 ext 113 with your old address and new address, and we will update your address accordingly.

<button class="acc-btn">WHEN WILL MY NEW ADDRESS BE ACTIVE?</button>

Please allow two weeks processing for your new address to come into affect with our system.

<button class="acc-btn">DO I HAVE TO LET THE AGENCY KNOW WHEN I AM GOING ON VACATION?</button>

Yes, you must let us know at least two weeks prior to your vacation.

<button class="acc-btn">WHAT ARE HEALTH SCREENINGS?</button>

The following Health Screenings are required to be completed before you are cleared to work in a Nursing Home. Physical, Tuberculosis Screening, Required Labs, and Immunizations.

<button class="acc-btn">WHEN DO HEALTH SCREENINGS EXPIRE?</button>

The Physical and Negative PPD expired 1 year from the date it was taken. A Chest X-Ray expires five years from the date that it was given. This information is subject to change based on the facility you work at and based on the US regulation changes. Please contact your recruiter or the HR department for further questions

<button class="acc-btn">WHAT IS A MMR AND VARICELLA TITER?</button>

MMR stands for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. Varicella is a herpes virus that causes chickenpox and shingles. The MMR and Varicella Titers are blood tests that checks if you are immune to these diseases. It measures your antibody levels to get a sense for whether your immune system has the capability to respond to an infection with one of these diseases. You are also required to take Hepatitis B or declination, and Influenza or declination.

<button class="acc-btn">DOES FIVE STAR NURSING OFFER CLASSES TO RENEW MY CPR?</button>

No, we do not. Employees must keep track of when their documents expire and ensure they send in updated documents as necessary. You can send your documents to the HR department or directly to your Five Star Recruiter.

<button class="acc-btn">WHY DID I GET A LETTER IN THE MAIL?</button>

There are many reasons that Five Star send out letters to our employees. Read your letter thoroughly, and if you have any questions or comments, please contact the HR Dept. for further clarification.

<button class="acc-btn">WHAT IS SELF SEPARATION?</button>

Employees can self separate themselves from our company when they are no longer working with us or maintaining contact.

<button class="acc-btn">HOW DO I RESIGN?</button>

If an employee would like to resign and be considered for placement with Five Star in the future, they must submit a resignation letter. You must give 2 weeks prior notice to resignation in addition, all the employee’s shifts must be completed. If the above requirements are not met the employee will not be eligible for further placement. Letters can be faxed to 718-619-4220 or emailed to

<button class="acc-btn">CAN I MOVE FROM ONE FACILITY TO ANOTHER?</button>

Yes you can. You must first complete 90 days at the facility you are currently assigned to. You must then notify the HR Department to receive approval for transfer. Once approved, follow the resigning procedures which are stated in the above question & answer. If you have any further questions, contact the HR Department.


Yes, as long as you have completed all your shifts and have notified your coordinator and our HR department of your departure, you are eligible for further placement.

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