Getting a job for the LPN candidates has gone simpler than ever connect with us at Five Star Nursing to grab your opportunity

Five Star Nursing is a highly regarded name in the nursing staffing arena. We are the most confident contenders in these arenas. We have the largest pool of recruiters in our network. Moreover, 90% of our clients, as recruiters, are the ones having a constant demand for the LPNs. It's not just that we are confined within the private hospitals; starting from government sectors to private physicians, we can place LPNs everywhere they would like.


Complete flexibility assured

There are many occasions where the LPNs don’t prefer consistently working at a single timing. Specifically, family women, on most occasions, don’t find it convenient to work consistently during the night shifts. We at Five Star Nursing can help these people thoroughly. Being the experienced contenders in this arena, we understand their queries quite well. In accordance, we come up with the best possible opportunities. No need to worry about the packages as well. Despite such issues, we ensure that the payment packages don’t get compromised in any manner.


Reliability is one of the prime reasons behind the envious success of Five Star Nursing. We deal with only the most renowned hospitals or simply recruiters for LPNs. Before working with them, we ensure that they don’t have a history of troubling the hired candidates. We thoroughly examine their profiles, and if required, go for the written deals. It means that we assure candidates of no chance of job loss in the middle. Not just the job security, we also assure the candidates regarding the safety aspects as well. In this context, we do legal deals. All these factors make us the most trustworthy among the interested candidates.

Best customer support

Five Star Nursing staffing agency is available to help clients anytime. One can connect with us regarding the job requirements anytime. At the same time, we also provide flexibility for the recruiters to connect with us regarding the requirements at any time. In short, there remains a constant flow of demands. This makes us able to accepting as many profiles as it is possible. Our customer service team remains 24×7 available to help prospective clients. Irrespective of the queries, one can feel free to connect through them anytime.

We know the mantra to pick opportunities

We at Five Star Nursing are enriched with a highly talented team of business development professionals, each carrying years of massive experience. They understand well how to pick the best opportunities and made those available for prospective candidates. Most importantly, it’s our ability to fulfilling the requirements of both sides in the quickest fashion that makes us distinguish and stay ahead of the competitors.

Meeting the expectations

LPN professionals have every reason to be optimistic these days. There is enough job market research report to claim that the job opportunity is expected to grow at a more than 15% rate in the coming decade. However, to make the most of these opportunities, one needs a service provider like us at Five Star. We carry years of experience in this field and a pool of massive recruiters. Naturally, we can provide the best opportunity for LPNs.

Grooming the best way

LPN opportunities might have increased over the years, but the recruitment challenge is still intact. The prime reason behind this is due to the growing expectation of the hirers. Be it about corporate hospitals, government hospitals, or private recruiters; expectancies have increased for all. They might have huge vacancies, but they don’t want to hire incompetent people. In such scenarios, it has become essential for prospective candidates to get properly groomed. There are many occasions where even candidates with huge educational qualifications along with experience, miss the opportunity as they don’t understand the modern-day scenario. We at Five Star Nursing help interested candidates prepare well. When required, we provide a demo example of the scenarios they are expected to confront. This helps in boosting the confidence level.

We don’t create any bar

LPN jobs are very many categories these days. Specifically, because most recruiters want their LPNs to handle the administrative aspects as well, it has become essential to stay prepared for the same. At the same time, technical expertise seems quite essential, as well. Keeping all these factors in mind, it has become important for the recruitment service providing agency to screen out the best candidates for specific job roles. We at Five Star Nursing do the reverse, though. We rather empower the applicants with us, ensuring they all get properly trained to be able to meet the requirements of the concerned therapeutic center. This is one of the prime reasons behind us meeting the highest rate of success.

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