Women’s Exercise Tests Results Inaccurate, Says Study

A clinic in Ohio, the famed Cleveland Clinic has a branch called the Women’s Cardiovascular Center, and it is run by a doctor Leslie Cho. Said doctor has long felt that the treadmill stress tests results were misleading for women, who get stressed out from exercise faster than men, and the stress tests were designed for men. She now has the data to show the obvious, announcing that women are weaker than men. Yes, I think this is ridiculous.

The study examined over one hundred thousand patients, sixty thousand at the clinic and then compared the data to information from another forty nine thousand at the Henry Ford Health system. The study was basically just crafting a new set of test scores for people to go by, a much more accurate set of scores that account for a large variety of factors such as weight and blood pressure etc., and also accounting for this basic question: is the patient male or female?

The study was published in JAMA Cardiology, and shows that have a higher risk of heart failure and death from high blood pressure, while women are more likely to be struck down by diabetes.


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