Why License and certification is required for nursing? Know more here

It has seen that most of the candidates, especially the nursing candidates, always ask a single question, i.e., why License and certification is required for nursing? Well, this is also an important question, and you need to know about it. If you have any questions about certifications and licenses, then you are not alone here.

When it comes to getting a nursing job, it is important for you to get the required license and certification. On the other hand, the data from the U.S. BLS- Bureau of Labour Statistics also show that companies give major importance to candidates who have a license to do nursing works. Well, this is a field where you will have to serve people and offer them the required healthcare services. So, you can prove your worthiness for this, if you have the required certificates.

What do you mean by certifications and licenses for nursing?

To understand Why License and certification is required for nursing, go through the following explanations.

It is the certifications and licenses that prove that the candidates have the specific knowledge and skills required for particular jobs. Generally, you obtain all these credentials after completing your education or degree. You will become certified and licensed after getting required practical experience through an internship or on the job training, which is quite popular in the nursing profession.

Speaking more about it, earning certification and license involves meeting the required standards, which includes passing various nursing exams. These credentials valid for a limited time, and you will have to renew to keep using these credentials.

There is another important thing that you need to know. There is a major difference between these credentials that licenses are obtained legally from the government to work in a particular occupation, such as nursing, but certifications are not.


  • It is not legally obtained to work in certain occupations.
  • Certifications are generally awarded by the professional organizations or various non-governmental bodies.
  • To get this, you will have to show your competence to a particular job, generally through various examinations.


  • These are mostly awarded by the licensing agency registered under the government.
  • When you have a valid license, you will get legal authority to work in a particular occupation.
  • To get this, you will have to meet predetermined criteria; for example, you need to have a degree.

Some essential information to know

Before doing any nursing job, it is important to know Why License and certification is required for nursing.

When you have these, you will demonstrate your advanced clinical education as well as training. They allow NP-Nurse Practitioners to offer the required healthcare services to the patients. These two are used together for nurse practitioners. How? Well, you will need a license to start your practice. On the other hand, to get your license, you will need certain certifications.

To qualify for certification and licensures, the NPs need to become RNs- Registered Nurses, and then they will have to go for advanced training programs. All the certifications are issued by the national organizations. In general, NP licensure is provided by the individual states, by the state’s Board of Nursing. You will have to keep renewing it periodically.

To become licensure, you need to complete all the training requirements. You can get an associate degree, a diploma, or a bachelor’s degree. RNs need to pass NCLEX-RN- National Council Licensure Examination.


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