What Does A Student Nurse Do

Any profession in the medical field is a blessed one. Although, the role of a doctor is indeed an irreplaceable one. By taking up this noble profession, they have dedicated their whole lives to the betterment of humanity. Likewise, a nurse is also an important medical professional that assists doctors in providing care to patients.


Although doctors and health care physicians are trained in providing overall care to patients, they cannot attend to a patient for a long time as others need their help. It is where the nurses enter the picture. Therefore, while the doctors identify and diagnose the disease and prescribe medications, treatments, and operations, the nurses are there on their toes at each step of the process. Alongside the doctors, they assist the patient throughout the ongoing treatments.


Some nurses are even trained to provide post-surgery care and assistance until the patient's complete recovery; there are different types of nurses that play different yet similar roles. But before diving into that matter, let's get to know what the student nurses do during their training period. As you read along, you will find out who a nurse student is and what does a student nurse do? Let's get started!


Who is a nurse student?


A student nurse is a student that knows has chosen to take up the nursing profession and has enrolled in the respective training program. The curriculum of a nursing student includes both theory and practical sessions. They are well-versed in most medical-related subjects. They are called for practice sessions in the form of hospital rotational shifts.

These rotational sessions happen after the classes. Through these, they get hands-on practice with theories taught in the classrooms. Here, they are guided by the head nurse or nursing instructors. As a student nurse, you will be taught the clinical procedures to provide care to sick patients and maintain and restore the patient's health. Now that one knows who a nurse student is, let's jump intowhat does a student nurse do?


Duties if a nurse student 


During the training period nurse students, go on hospital rotations under the supervision of the head nurse or other authorities. Due to this, they do not possess the power or authority to attend to patients individually. Some of their general duties are mentioned below.

  • The nurse students are guided to administer medications. After the proper analysis of the symptoms and effects, you will be responsible for determining the medication. But this has to be done with the approval of the clinical instructor. You will have to formulate the proper dose and time for taking the medicines.
  • Another vital duty involves recording and maintaining the treatment and progress of the patient. It also includes the medication list, condition level, symptoms, etc. It contains the patient's history. This medical history is very important in the treatment process.
  • At the beginning of the duty, the student nurse will be given patient assignments. The assignments will include the name and diagnosis details of the patient. The supervisor will instruct you to understand the illness and treatment.
  • Lastly, you will be assigned duties to provide care and assistance to the patients. It includes taking care of their basic needs such as bathing and eating, changing sheets, and so on.


Perks of being a nurse 


Hence, some great doctors and related healthcare physicians and nurses are known to do extensive study and research even after attaining their degrees and license. Learning is indeed a lifelong process. Both nurses and doctors work extremely hard to do a better job of providing treatment and curing ailments. The long hours of work and efforts they put into their services need to be recognized and appreciated. It will motivate them to do an even better job. So if you have decided to be a nurse in the future, you have come to the right place.


So, now that you know what a nurse student does during the training and education period, you can go ahead with the idea of becoming one. And if you are already in the field, you can take up other related courses and specialize in providing care services to patients in other medical departments. It will help you increase the momentary gain and help in living a meaningful and blessed life above all. And if you wish to know more about the role of nursing students, you can look upwhat does a student nurse do?' as well and get plenty of similar information.



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