Top paying industries for nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners perform a lot of medical care for patients and sometimes also work on their duties without the supervision of any doctor. There might be many reasons why you would like to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner; maybe it's because you want to enter the medical field or just want to help people and save a life.

However, you must consider the right nurse practitioner job that pays high salaries along with job security. You must know about various top paying industries for nurse practitioners to work in before applying for the job. Here are some specialized nurse practitioners' jobs in various healthcare industries that pay high.

  • Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner

Many surveys have revealed that nurses who have specialized to become psychiatric mental health nurses receive a high paycheck in their field. Their average annual salary can be about $107,309 for entry-level positions. As one of the top-paying industries for nurse practitioners, those who run PMH programs are the best option for mental health specialized nurses to join. They would have to work with patients presenting acute or chronic cases of mental illness.

  • Nurse researchers

The average annual salary of nurse researchers would be $95,000. Generally, various industries that require research activities hire nurse practitioners as analysts, especially private companies or non-profit organizations. Nurse researchers are responsible for publishing research studies on the basis of collected data on health care products. Healthcare practices and services. Moreover, nurse researchers with advanced degrees can also make advancements in their income through writing books, teaching, consulting, and also speaking at conferences, etc.

  • Director of nursing

The director of nursing oversees the nursing practices in most healthcare facilities. Their duties are to improve the nursing process and nursing practice, except that they supervise the healthcare facility's nursing staff and their daily operation. Their average annual salary is about $92 482.

As they are in a superior position to the nurses, they have the ability to implement changes in nursing policy, so they can improve efficiency and patient satisfaction. Typically, nurse directors first build experience as registered nurses or nurse practitioners before entering the advanced field.

  • Oncology nurse practitioner

Specializing as an oncology nurse practitioner is academically demanding, which is why their salaries are also high-end, with an average paycheck of $115,577. The top paying industries for nurse practitioners specializing in oncology usually involve various cancer practices, research centers, pharmaceutical facilities, etc.

These specialist nurses generally assist surgeons during operations, collaborating with attending physicians to develop care plans, ordering testing, educating patients and families, and also analyzing treatment results. Moreover, the nurse has to earn an MSN, oncology nursing certificate, and APRN licensure with two years of registered nurse experience to pursue the specialized career.

  • Surgical Nurse practitioner

The average annual salary of surgical nurse practitioners is about $109,597. They can perform a variety of duties before, after, and during the surgeries. Their duty specifically involves conducting preoperative assessments and assisting surgeons and other medical team members while performing an operation.

Moreover, they can conduct postoperative assessments, assist patients during recovery, and complete admission or discharge paperwork. However, to become a medical-surgical nurse practitioner, one has to obtain certificates in medical-surgical nursing after completing MSN.

  • Pediatric nurse practitioner

There is no denying pediatric nurses enjoy a higher pay than other practitioners in the same facility. Their average annual salary involves $131,302. The National Association of pediatric nurse practitioners considers pediatric nurses as pediatric-focused APRNs, which are comprehensive family, clinical, and other APRNs. They generally work with children.

Some of the top paying industries for nurse practitioners to require pediatric nurses involve school settings, home healthcare, rehabilitation or extended care facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, and psychiatric/mental health facilities. So, if you want to enjoy a great salary working in a challenging environment, then you can choose this specialization.

Although there are many other specialties of nurse practitioners available in medicine, the above nurse specialties are in great demand in various healthcare sectors. The surveys also throw light on ER nurses, cardiology, radiology, and gastroenterology specialized nurses getting salaries within the six-figure range, so choosing your specialty, a nurse can easily access a lot of job growth opportunities in the field.


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