Too Much Sleep Is Bad For Your Heart, Study Finds

A new study into the lifestyle causes of heart disease has made an interesting discovery: not only is too much sleep bad for your lifestyle, it can also be a direct contributor to heart disease.
As can too little.
A great deal of research has gone into documenting the effect of too much or too little sleep on bad eating habits. Now, however, researchers are beginning to wonder if sleep can have a more direct effect on heart disorders.
So far, there is too little evidence to say anything definite. But there is definitely room for educated speculation (what we call ‘random guesswork’) and there is now an opinion that states that too much sleep can cause a hardening of the arteries, while too little can cause a spike in blood pressure.
Too be perfectly honest, this isn’t just random just random guesswork, medical science actually seems to support this theory. The same dynamics that cause a hardening of the arteries exist when people sleep too much, and similarly regarding too little sleep, the same dynamics exist that cause blood pressure to rise.
Can we say for certain that these theories are the case? No. We need more data to be certain.
But we should certainly start accounting for them.


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