Sugar Panic

Now that the professional health hysteria community has moved on from blaming fat as the source of all of their problems, they have found a new target.


Yes, sugar, that all-encompassing food item that you find in absolutely everything, is now being blamed for everything from overgrown waistlines to cancer.

Yeah, the hysteria crew is blaming cancer on sugar.

First off, sugar does not cause cancer, just like licorice root doesn’t cure colds. They simply do not do those things. What they do give the body a boost, and this boost gets used by the body as well as it can, depending on what shape it’s in. It’s not a great idea to eat a lot of sugar, because your body isn’t designed to continually run in ‘boost mode’. Back when people used lye soap, they didn’t wash their heads with undiluted lye, either. It did what they needed it to, but too much would burn you.

But it doesn’t cause cancer. That is caused by cell mutations, triggered by copying mistakes. When we cure aging, we will cure cancer along with it. Unless we find a specific cure for cancer, first. Sugar has nothing to do with it.

Now, as I mentioned above, sugar is found everywhere, including within the human body. This causes the health hysteria community some confusion, because clearly sugar belongs in the body by default. Further, sucrose (glucose) is how the body creates energy, burning it along with oxygen to function. So they quickly came up with a solution. The sugar that causes problems is processed, making it ‘unnatural’. The principle behind this assertion is laughably flawed, as it states that ‘nature produced’ products are by default good for you, whereas processed items have these benefits taken from them, making them evil, er, harmful. Poison ivy, then, is good for you. Sunlight, the result of a nuclear explosion, is bad for you. Arsenic, cyanide and nitroglycerin, made from apples, almonds, and peanuts respectively, are good for you. Bread, baked in an oven, is bad for you. Etc., etc.

Also this ‘whole grain’ nonsense. Its horse food, for goodness sake. Bran. The husk that grows on the outside of the wheat. Would you eat straw? No, of course you won’t. So why would you pay extra to eat bran?

Anyhow, the way to deal with sugar is pretty straightforward. Limit it, because too much of it will hurt you. Just like drinking too much water will hurt you. When your body says stop, listen. And all that means is, don’t force yourself to increase your intake. Signals like hunger or revulsion are there for a reason. Pay attention.


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