Study Finds That Staff Shortages Lead To Lack Of Important Training

A new study out of the UK finds that many nurses lack training in what many agree is the most important aspect of an RN’s job. Ensuring quality of life.
The most important thing for a senior is his dignity. Cruel aging robs him of this basic and fundamental aspect of humanity. It is up to the nurses to bring it back.
Unfortunately, in the nationalized healthcare run UK there is insufficient incentive to attract enough nurses into the market to allow for the flexibility that is required to allow for the nurses to take proper training in how to preserve human dignity.

They simply cannot afford to leave behind their vital services of keeping the patients alive to take the time off to go train in this most fundamental aspect of geriatric care.
This leaves a tremendous gap in the British market between the supply of quality British nurses and the demand for them, a demand which will never be addressed thanks to governmental over regulation.
Let’s not make the same mistakes on this side of the pond, shall we?


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