Study Finds Out What We Knew All Along

Yeah, about that whole ‘drinking will kill you’ thing…

Turns out that it’s more likely to save you from heart disease.

A new study from Menzies Institute for Medical Research at the University of Tasmania has finally stated what we always knew, drinking is good for your heart. Though it is addictive and too much will raise your blood pressure.

According to the study, drinking a small amount of alcohol per day (less than ten grams) will help reduce your waistline. A little more (ten to twenty grams per day) will help your body get rid of bad cholesterol and build up good cholesterol. More than that will already start to cause problems. And begin to roll back the positives.

Of course, this revelation will not cause the medical establishment to start declaring that alcohol is good for you. Even though it is a lifesaver that will help ward off heart disease, centuries of screaming that it’s bad for you does leave quite mark. Even the researchers were reluctant to declare their findings openly, instead declaring that people should weigh the positives and negatives before drinking.

For reference, a standard drink in the US contains about fourteen grams of alcohol.


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