Studies Show That If You Have High Enough Stress For Migraines, You Might Have Heart Disease.

A new study examining the link between heart disease and migraines suggests that they share a common cause: stress. The study, done by the Harvard medical school, seems to have been intended to prove that migraines actually cause heart disease, but an editorial that accompanied the study indicated that lack of sufficient proof forced researchers to conclude otherwise.

For quite a while some in the medical community have suspected that migraines to in fact cause heart disease. However, no proof for this theory has yet been found. The above mentioned study, published by the Boston Medical Journal, intended to look at the statistics in order find and demonstrate a link. Unfortunately, seeing as both migraines and heart disease are caused by stress, the study was unable to find much in the way of proof.

However, what the study does demonstrate is that if you do have migraines you should definitely take measures against heart disease seeing as one way or another there is, if not a connection, then at least a correlation between the two.

Of course, the best way to avoid all these problems in the first is to do be your best to avoid stress: lower your expectations, do things that you enjoy, do simple, routine exercises regularly, and try to spend time each day in pleasant, comfortable surroundings.


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