Studies Find That Magnesium Deficiencies Lead To Hypertension

A large number of studies have been conducted with intent to prove what medical scientists have found, that magnesium is a vital element in ensuring that veins do not overly constrict themselves, which the direct cause of high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, many of these studies were rendered irrelevant due to low participation rates and high dropout rates.

Researchers over at Indiana University have found a way around this problem by conducting a meta-analysis of some 2,000 such studies, screening them so that they only counted studies that were both placebo-controlled and double blinded (both the caregiver and patient did not know whether they were taking a magnesium pill or a placebo). Their results confirmed that having a magnesium deficiency can increase your blood pressure.

Magnesium is a metal, not a nutrient. Your body can’t manufacture it. But that still doesn’t mean that you need to take supplements for it. The body’s requirements for magnesium are quite low, and it is very easy to get enough through eating regular food.


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