Sound Therapy?

A simple application of an already in use technology has the potential to work wonders.

The technology, known as HIRREM (high-resolution, relational, resonance based, electro-encephalic mirroring), uses sensors placed on the head to track brain waves, then plays a sound in your matching these waves.

In simple terms, the machines listens to your brain, then plays the sound for you to hear.

This is very useful for helping your brain to hear its own irregularities and correct them, which would probably put an end to PTSD. This would be a tremendous assistance for our combat veterans. It would also help parents who have no idea how to handle children who aren’t dead.

It can also help, with guidance, to correct more severe mental disorders. Of course, you might need to hypnotize the patient first.

This is useless for people who have no stress in their lives, which is probably why the government fails to see its potential and refuses to allocate any money for research, despite this being a valid branch of neurology.

But, more importantly, this technology can help everybody on the street, to relax their minds and lower their blood pressures. By letting your brain know what is going on inside of it, it lets you find out where your problems are, lets you go back to them and fix them. Of course, this is you doing the work. You need to want it and be willing to accept what you hear, and you need to know what you should sound like (you probably do).

Best thing of all? Anyone can buy this stuff.  And put to the test.


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