Rhythmic Music A Medical Assist, And A Mental One

We all know that music makes us feel better, but now it seems that it actually makes you better.

An increasingly large number of doctors are recommending that patients listen to rhythmic music to both make them feel better and, more importantly, to regulate harmfully irregular patterns.

The use of music to regulate the body’s rhythms is nothing new. For years, people have been using soothing music to sooth people, energetic music to energies them, and so on. But now it is become increasingly clear that music is not all in the mind.

A dance studio in Maryland has become a sort of clinic for patients with Parkinson’s. The patients who go there say that when they are there the music makes them into dancers, helping them overcome their disrupted natural rhythms that are a side effect and the primary cause of the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Similarly, music is used to overcome disrupted rhythms that cause trouble sleeping, providing an outside reference point for the conscious mind to focus on, thus giving the out of sync unconscious mind a rhythm as well.

Further, music is now being used to help regulate heartbeats. Certain hospitals now use music as part of their care plans, using it as a treatment to help patients control their heart rates.

The body relies extensively on rhythm to function. Occasionally this rhythm can be get disrupted, causing considerable health issues. Music provides us with an external source of rhythm, one that both makes us feel good and helps us stay that way.


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