Research Suggests That A Higher Fat Diet May Improve Cartilage Repair

A new study published by Wiley (UK) conflicts with the common wisdom that high fat diets hurt cartilage repair.

The study was done differently than other studies, for the simple reason that these researchers used mice that actually had cartilage repair capabilities, unlike previous studies.

The study found that in mice that were fed a high fat diet, a significant improvement was visible in damaged cartilage, greater than those in the control group. Further, at the end of the study, the mice on a high fat diet were found to have repair cells that were not found in the control group.

In an interesting twist, a second type of mouse was also used in the study, who had a different metabolic response to the high fat diet. Their metabolisms didn’t change at all. However, nor did their rate of recovery. This would indicate that it isn’t being obese that improves cartilage repair, as the study seeks to show, but rather the body reorganizing itself based on its new resources.

Which is what human bodies do all of the time.


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