Are Pharmaceutical Companies Hiding The Cure For Cancer?

I was recently talking to somebody who was convinced that pharmaceutical companies were conspiring to kill his mother. He had heard of so many possible cures for cancer, but the hospital adamantly refused to try any of them on her, insisting instead on keeping her in bed and on therapy.

First off, NHS is terrible. Witness Charlie Gard.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to nuts and bolts.

The primary reason that hospitals don’t use cures other than chemo is that none of them have been proven to work on a wide scale on humans. While in recent times we have found many more ways of targeting cancer than we have right now, the fact is that we haven’t put most of these methods through the rigorous testing process that the laws of western nations currently require.

The FDA, for instance, requires ten years of top down supervised testing, including wait times, before allowing a product to market.

Now for the other side of the coin, the evil corporations looking to drain us of all of our hard earned cash, to callously suck us all dry for their own personal, pecuniary gain.

First of all, Dracula isn’t real.

Beyond that, Scrooge McDuck is the product of Hollywood fever dreams, and Hollywood’s relationship with reality has always been tenuous at best.

Real people don’t spend their time cooped up in offices, dreaming of ways to wrangle more money out of the world.

But, for arguments sake, let’s assume that Scrooge McDuck is real. How is it profitable to lock income to one variation? It’s not. Because that essentially means that everyone in town is going to be offering the exact same thing, at the lowest possible price (sure, chemo is expensive. But that’s because it costs money to produce). So nobody can attract more customers, and nobody can increase their profits. Further, it would be extremely profitable to license the exclusive rights (or partially advantageous rights) to the ultimate cure (or the most effective cure) to cancer, bringing the money to yourself rather than allowing it to remain unspent.

So, there is no sane reason for companies to try and quash effective cancer cures. Which is also why so many of these ‘evil corporations’ are actually funding cancer research. Because find a cure would be good for everyone.

In conclusion, unless you are willing to actively accuse corporations of being rabidly insane, you have absolutely no argument to support your theory that corporations are hiding cancer cures.


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