Nursing Entrance Exams Guide in USA

Nursing entrance exams in USA are very tough to crack. Every year there are millions of aspirants who want to crack nursing entrance exams in the States. Nursing is a noble profession, and a lot of youngsters want to join it now. Anyone can be a nurse if he or she has the capability of being a dedicated medical professional. Working in the medical field is a huge responsibility and comes with a lot of pressure.

Nursing entrance exams in USA are, therefore, a very high standard so that only the best of aspirants can join the profession. To help you crack the nursing exams, this article is a Nursing entrance exams guide in USA. If you are struggling with preparations for nursing exams, read on. You will surely find something helpful from what is discussed.

Different Nursing exams in USA

Nursing exams in the USA are not limited to a single most exam that tests aspirants. There are different exams that you have the option of appearing to prove your eligibility as an aspiring nurse. For example,


National League for Nursing Pre Admission Exam is a nationwide test that examines a candidate’s verbal skills, mathematical skills, and scientific knowledge. The NLN PAX tests the basic abilities of a person to know if he is fully able to become a nurse. The exam is one of the most attended nursing exams in USA. The test has 160 questions in total that a candidate has to answer by two hours five minutes duration.

  • Nursing Entrance Test

The NET exam is more elaborate than the PAX exam. The NET has a total duration of 155 minutes and has six parts that the candidate must attempt. NET is a more holistic test for nursing admission because it takes the test of the social decision-making ability and critical thinking of a candidate. The test also judges the reaction of aspirants to stressful situations.

  • Test of Essential Academic Skills

Otherwise called TEAS, the exam tests the basic academic abilities of candidates. The test bases upon mathematical and arithmetic skills. The test also takes account of English Language and Verbal skills. The test examines your reading skills and gauges your scientific knowledge and application. TEAS has a duration of 209 minutes.

Based on which exam you are taking, you can take up a Nursing entrance exams guide in USA that will help you in preparing. The next section of this blog has some preparation tips for nursing entrance exams in USA.

Basic tips to prepare for nursing entrance exams in USA

  • Decide which exams are worth it

Since you have many nursing entrance exams in USA, it can be very confusing for aspirants. A good way of avoiding initial confusion in preparation is to choose which nursing entrance exam you want to prepare for. Instead of choosing to prepare for multiple entrance exams, it is always better to choose a single exam. By making a choice, you can focus all your efforts on a certain exam singularly.

Moreover, the PAX and TEAS have an almost similar distribution of subjects. Thus, you can prepare for one exam and attempt two. When you concentrate on one exam, you increase your chances of scoring better marks in it. If you think focusing on multiple exams will dilute your dedication, always choose before you proceed.

  • Understand the rules and regulations of the examination

Every examination has some rules and regulations. Every examination has a framework under which every aspirant has to appear. Thus, you should first understand the rules, regulations, and requirements of nursing entrance exams in USA. Knowing the criteria and rules will provide clarity to you.

  • Get the necessary study material

Once you are sure of which exam you want to appear in, you can choose the necessary material for preparation. You need to choose a good nursing entrance exam guide in USA that covers all the subject areas of the test. You can get good study material from online as well as offline sources. Invest in a good prep book and sample question papers. You can also source out preparation materials from people who gave the exam earlier.

  • Prepare a schedule

Prepare a schedule for studies and follow it regularly. Exam preparation takes a lot of time, and you should persevere through it. Devote equal time to each subject so that you are able to prepare to the best of your ability.

A nursing entrance exams guide in USA helps you prepare and score well in nursing entrance examinations. You stand a step away from your dream career; go and grab it with your merit.


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