Is License and certification is required for Nursing? Know the details here

The healthcare industry across the globe in growing at a faster rate. Even if the market condition is not good, this is the industry that remains unaffected all the time. So, everyone wants to have a job in this industry. In fact, this industry offers more and much better job opportunities than other industries. If you are planning to get into this industry, then the best option can be the nursing career. But is it easy to get a nursing job? The answer is no. Is License and certification is required for Nursing? Well, the answer is yes, especially if you are looking for an RN job.

Nursing is a great profession

This is the profession that is quite popular for offering diverse employment opportunities, strong earning potential, and meaningful work. All these make a huge difference in your life. Preparing to work as a professional nurse or registered nurse takes a lot of dedication or planning. But remember that the hard work and dedication you put in will pay off in the end. Once you get all the licenses and certifications from the required authorities, it will be got much easier for you to get the best job in the healthcare industry.

How to get a nursing license and certification?

It has been seen the most of the candidates still are in confusion about Is License and certification is required for Nursing? While the answer is yes, the process of getting the required certifications and licenses has now become a little easier. Here are some steps that you need to follow for this.

You will have to complete the accredited nursing program

The first step of getting the license is you need to graduate from the state’s Board of Nursing approved programs. You will have to get the approval if you want to take the NCLEX- National Council Licensure Examination. This will help you to get a legal license. Here you can go for two entry-level nursing programs.

  1. LPNs:

The Licensed Practical Nurses work under RNs and deal with tasks like collecting samples, recording vital signs, administrating medication, and more. Before applying for this job, make sure that you have a valid certificate or diploma from a hospital or any registered collage. The duration of the program can be up to 24 months.

  1. RNs:

Registered Nurses deal with critical health issues. For this, you need to have a 4-year bachelor’s degree or a 2-year associate degree in nursing.


Attain a program that is accredited. The accreditation will prove that the program meets all educational quality standards by the national education department. There are two major organizations that accredit nursing programs. These are CCNE- the Commission On Collegiate Nursing Education and ACEN Accreditation Commission For Education in Nursing.

Get the license with the state board

After the completion of your education, you will have to get a license from the designated Board of Nursing. Submit the application form with your educational proof and pay the application as well as licensure fees to get the license. After that, you can go for the NCLEX exam (NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN).

Is License and certification is required for Nursing? Yes, you need to get all these things to start your career as a nurse in a hospital or healthcare service center.


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