Improved Heart Device Is On The Horizon

A new medical device from St. Jude medical center is showing a great deal of improvement over its predecessor. The old device, the Heartmate II has shown a bit of a problem when it comes to getting clogged by blood that is supposed to be pumped into the main arteries. The Heartmate 3 is showing no such problems.

The new device also has a magnetically suspended rotor, which solves the problem of the rotor damaging red blood cells.

Further, the new device is smaller, fitting entirely inside of the chest cavity. Whereas the old device used to have part of itself located below the diaphragm.

Most importantly, it is more reliable, with some eighty six percent of devices functioning without any issues for a period of six months, while the Heartmate II only had seventy seven percent.

Overall, the device is far better than its predecessor.

As of right now, the device has been approved for use in Europe, where it is already in use. Don’t ask them how much it costs, their financial system is a wreck. But they have it, for those who can afford it.

The company is now looking to get the product into the US.


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