How To Become a Registered Nurse

A nursing job is one of the noblest professions. For example, a registered nurse deals with numerous patients in a day and takes care of multiple aspects. To work as a registered nurse, you should first know how to become a registered nurse

There are specific criteria that you have to fulfill to become a registered nurse. RNs are always in demand, and it is one of the highest-paid jobs.

When you hear the term Registered Nurse or RN, they are nurses who you will find typically in nursing care facilities, medical offices, hospitals, and clinics. Registered nurses work under a doctor and assist them. They also work with other nurses and assist them in providing patients with critical care.

Here is the career path that you need to follow to become a registered nurse.

Step 1: Get the relevant degree

A registered nurse needs to have a B.Sc. in Nursing or an Associate Degree in Nursing. Although many medical fraternities prefer to hire an RN with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, getting an Associate Degree in Nursing is also good for your career. Additionally, Associate Degree in Nursing will cost you less and is quicker.

Step 2: Clear NCLEX exam

Once you complete your degree, the next step would be to clear the NCLEX exam. NCSBN administers this exam. This test will be determine how prepared you are to become an RN. Please note that you will have to get at least the passing marks to clear the first round.

The topics covered in the test will be primary care and comfort, coping and adaptation, detection of disease, and pharmacological therapies. It is recommended to go through online sample tests before giving the exam. This way you will be prepared better.

Step 3: Get your RN license

After clearing the NCLEX exam, you will become eligible to apply for the RN licensure. Please note that every state will have its own fees and requirement to apply for the RN license. Moreover, the time takes to obtain the license will vary from state to state. Therefore, research properly about the state's protocols for obtaining the RN license.

There is another option that is worth considering. You can go for NLC, which stands for Nurse Licensure Compact. Around 34 states have enacted NLC legislation. Additionally, 13 more are on their way. This will give you a multi-state license, and it's quite beneficial for an RN interested in becoming a travel nurse.

These are the three steps that you need to follow and your answer for how to becoming a registered nurse question.

How much salary to expect?

The salary of registered nurses will depend on a variety of circumstances. For example, your experience, the location you are working, whether you have additional certification or not, the kind of healthcare institution you are working at, and the specialty.

According to BLS, the average salary of an RN in a year is $75,030. The lowest compensation received per year is $52,080, and the highest is $111,220. Registered nurses that are earning $75,030 are primarily working in surgical hospitals. If you want to get into a registered nurse job that will pay you well, focus on locations such as California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Alaska, and Hawaii. These are the locations that pay registered nurses the highest at the moment.

Job responsibilities of a registered nurse

As a registered nurse, there will be many responsibilities that you will have to take care of. You will analyze and run diagnostic tests, dress wounds and incisions, determine the treatment plans for a patient, review them, help doctors, assist other nurses, and provide emotional support to the families.


Now you know how to become a RN. Follow the steps that have been shared and fulfill your dreams of becoming a registered nurse with A registered nurse is very rewarding and satisfying because you get to help people in need.


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