How can a nursing placement agency in New York Help?

Nurse vacancies have grown exponentially in the last few years. With the aging population on the rise and different kinds of diseases, healthcare facilities always look for experienced and passionate nurses who will help the patients get better and recover fast. Because there is a need for nurses and good quality nurses, it always makes sense to get in touch with the right nursing placement agency in New York. Nursing placement agencies always have nurses who will be the right fit for different healthcare facilities. Also, nursing placement agencies do the first layer of employment screening.

If you are thinking of networking with a nursing placement agency in New York, here are some reasons why now is the right time to contact it.

U.S. nurse shortage

According to BLS, the requirement for Registered Nurses has grown by 3.4 million by 2016. And looking at the online registered nurse shortages, these numbers are not going to go down. In fact, by 2029, there will be a sharp rise in the 8% requirement for nurses. There is a shortage because nurses are leaving their jobs; in fact, there is a steep increase in the number of patients. Look at the aging population; it is growing every year. The pandemic has also been a leading factor in why there is a requirement for nurses. The current nurse-to-patient ratios are not complementing one another, so if your healthcare organization is looking for nurses, it is better to get in touch with a nursing placement agency.

Patients number are growing

There is a rapid increase in the number of patients getting hospitalized. Take opioid-addictive patients as an example. Every year, the U.S. alone registers more than a million cases, and addiction cases are devastating. On top of that, there is the aging baby boomer population. Every year their numbers are growing. Unfortunately, the aging population has to deal with many complications, because of which they get admitted often. To take care of that, hospitals need nurses. It is estimated that at least 80% of the aging population has some kind of chronic health issue.

Retiring nurses

Here’s another reason why the demand for nurses is so high. Approximately 70,000 nurses will be retiring by the end of 2030, and this figure should tell you how crucial it is for healthcare organizations to fill up the position as fast as possible. The retiring nurse population is also another reason why there is a shortage. Hospitals located in remote locations are also facing difficulty in hiring nurses because many nurses don’t feel like working in remote areas—another big contribution to the shortage.

The role of a nurse placement agency

Nursing placement agency in New York has a massive role in filling up the gap that healthcare organizations are going through. These agencies have nurses that can fill up both permanent and temporary positions. Nursing agencies can help a healthcare organization hire registered nurses who are willing to work in different healthcare facilities and even relocate to remote areas.

There needs to be a balance between nurses’ demand and supply ratio and take care of that; there are nursing placement agencies. These agencies are well-established and can streamline the whole nursing staffing process.

Whether a healthcare organization is looking for per diem or pro re nata nurses, travel nurses, permanent placement, or temporary placement, everything can be taken care of by the placement agencies. Before choosing a nursing staffing agency, just make sure that you know enough about them. They must help a healthcare organization fill the gap fast, the price to do the work should be affordable, and the process should be easy. If you find an agency that can take care of all these, your healthcare organization is in safe hands.


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