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If you want to know about nurses' best specialty career choices, you have come to the right place. Get information about Nursing Career Opportunities in 2021 right here, and see which one suits you the best.

This list will help all the nurses, who want to make a career change in nursing, or simply want to know which ones are trending and pay you well. So, go on and get information about Nursing Career Opportunities in 2021 from us!

Certified Dialysis Nurse

One of the top nursing career options that nurses are going for is the certified dialysis nurse profession. These are the nurses who take care of patients who have severe kidney problems. To become a certified dialysis nurse, you will need to have at least 2000 hours of experience in dialysis and nephrology departments within two years of your working period. Apart from this, 15 hours of continuing education in nephrology will be required too. And an RN license, of course.

Legal Nurse Consultant

The second one that we have on our list is a legal nurse consultant. These are the ones who bring in their expertise to consult on medical lawsuits. They also offer their education, knowledge, and information about the healthcare system. If you want to become a legal nurse consultant, it is mandatory to have a registered nurse license.

Nurse Midwife

Delivering babies is both a heartwarming and challenging job, and nurse-midwife are assigned to this job. They provide healthcare to both mother and the baby before and after the delivery. They are responsible for running through gynecological exams, and provide postnatal and prenatal care. They will also have to share the required information about family planning.

You will need a master of science in nursing to become a nurse-midwife. In some cases, a midwife specialty certificate can be asked to.

Nurse Anesthetist

Before a patient is prepared for surgery, a nurse anesthetist is the one who provides anesthesia to the patient. Along with it, they are required to provide care to the patient the whole time until the patient gets discharged. Two years of nurse experience will be required in most cases, and along with that, some can go for MSN in nursing anesthesia program as well. Please note that some healthcare facilities may ask for a doctoral degree.

Nurse Case Manager

The duty of the nurse case manager will involve checking the progress of the patient. Evaluating their case and also suggesting alternative treatments. RN-MSN program candidates can apply for nurse case manager jobs. They may be offered a case-management option.

Nurse Educator

If you are interested in academics, nurse educator jobs could be the right option for you. As an educator, you will be designing, evaluating, and implementing education programs in colleges, schools, and universities. Some educational institutes may hire you with a simple master's degree in nursing, while others may ask for a doctorate.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is one who provides special and primary care to patients. They work along with a doctor, and in some cases, a nurse practitioner can run their clinics as well. However, one needs to research it. Find out whether your state permits you to run a private clinic or not. To become one, you need to have an MSN degree as well.

Travel Nurse

Travel nurses' requirements have always been there, but with COVID-19, it has exponentially grown. As a travel nurse, you will be asked to travel to different places assigned by your medical facilities. RNs are preferred for travel nurse jobs.


So, these are some of the trending nursing jobs of 2021. If you want to get Information about Nursing Career Opportunities in 2021, contact today.



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