French Ladies Get Cancer, Demand That The Rest Of The World Stop Eating Sugar

A Study published in BMJ claims that sugary drinks, even all natural ones, cause cancer.
Sugar, the wonder plant. What can’t it do?
Read the study for the exact details, if you want them, but the core of the matter is that meta-data
study of 10,000 self-reporting French upper-class women (and a few of their paramours) showed
that 2,000 of them caught cancer once they got older. The study attempts to blame it on sugar, of
any kind.
Interesting, but there is no causation to build on.
Further, these are self-reporting upper-class French ladies. What you have is not data, but a
the conglomeration of wish lists.
Finally, being upper class French means that they use enough product on themselves on a day to
day basis to kill a horse. To ignore the effects of continuous chemical overuse is to undermine
the entire study.
Also of note, the study authors call for taxation of sugar, a dead giveaway that the authors don’t
care about science, they care about power. They have an agenda. And that makes all that they say
and do suspect.
Further undermining their case is that sugar has been under the microscope for over thirty years
now, and cancer has been there for longer. If there was indeed a link, we would have found it a
long time ago. Further, there is no link between cancer and diabetes, with diabetes being the
prime indicator that a person is eating too much sugar. If too much sugar caused cancer, there
would be a link between diabetes, which is caused by sugar, and cancer. There is no such link.
Going back to the study, the authors argue that sugar raises the cancer risk by as much as twenty-two percent. A big number. However, it doesn’t say how much sugar causes this, but how much
sugary drink causes this. No comment on the concentration level, a very important data point. It
also states that diet drinks had no effects, but notes that the respondents didn’t drink enough diet
drinks to make a difference.


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