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If you are someone who is looking for top nursing staffing agency in New York but afraid of on-going lowering morale, tremendous workloads, and poor pay, you can think of working with a nursing staffing agency. If you didn't know already, working with a nursing staffing agency comes with a myriad of benefits that you can't neglect. Nurses are considered to be the backbone of a medical facility. No matter where the medical facility is, it can't work without a nurse, and that's why nurses deserve the best. However, around 45% of nurses have reported that they are unhappy with their current job because is it is not fulfilling. To become a nurse, a person will first spend many years studying, then comes the license, and finally work experience.

As a nurse, you will have your own sets of priorities. You will certainly be helping people, but every job needs some inspiration, and for nurses, the inspiration comes from the facility they work, the kind of atmosphere they work in, and also the amenities they get, which include their pay as well.

As a nurse, you can opt to become a part-time or full-time nurse. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can either choose a part-time or full-time career in nursing. Looking at nurses' demand, all the nurses dream of getting a fulfilling job, which will pay them well and will also offer them a good routine. These two are the main reasons why people visit nursing staffing agencies. Here are the top benefits of working with Five Star nursing, the top nursing staffing agency in New York.

A nurse staffing agency always offers you better pay. Even if you are working on a per hour basis, it can be increased to 66%, and in some cases, it can be doubled as well. Those who are willing to go for antisocial weekend night shifts, rest assured, the payment will be much higher.

Since you will be working with an agency, you have full freedom to choose and pick when you would like to work. You won't find yourself confined into the 7-week rotational shift. If you don't want to work on Fridays, treated the dunks, no problem at all!

Along with the freedom of when to work, you also have the freedom to choose where. If you don't like to work as GP's practice, simply ignore the gig, and you will be offered something else. You can tell the agency about your preferences as well so that they help you find the right gig.

Those who are working as full-time nurses often feel pressurized and burnt out, but when it comes to working with agencies, you are not pressurized to become a full-time nurse; the choice is completely yours. Working with an agency would mean that you are dealing with a lot of lesser stress.

Since you will be working in an agency, you will see that there is no stopping when it comes to varieties. You will have a much greater diversity when it comes to working with patients and workers.

After working with an agency for some time, if you decide to go permanent, hospitals and clinics will be more willing to hire you because of your diverse portfolio. Working with an agency will prepare you well to deal with all kinds of patients and cases; plus, you have the freedom to choose your shift as per your will.

Some of the nursing professions that you might want to go for are- registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, dietary aides, housekeepers, and recreational staff.


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