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A licensed nurse practitioner is one of the most preferred nursing careers for a lot of nursing students. These candidates take two years of advanced courses to become licensed nurse practitioners, which will be a master's degree in a nursing specialty. Before you start to find RN jobs in Queens, ensure that you clear your course as a nurse practitioner.


As a licensed nurse practitioner, you may work independently if you want; else, you may work in conjunction with another physician. Some healthcare facilities you may find yourself working in our hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, nursing homes, educational centers, and other medical settings.


If you are thinking about how to find RN jobs in Queens, and what they are, here is an overview of the jobs that you might be interested in.


Adult care nurse practitioner 

As an adult care nurse practitioner, you will get the chance to work in urgent care centers, trauma units, and emergency rooms. Your job will be to diagnose the ailments of the patients and accordingly treat them. You will have to provide care to the patients you are assigned to until they get discharged from the facility.


Adult nurse practitioner

As an adult nurse practitioner, you will get to work at hospitals, urgent care centers, corporate offices, and physicians' offices. Your responsibility will be to provide all the care during medical emergencies. This will include geriatric patients as well. You will be given the obligation to respond to injuries and acute illness. Along with that, you will have to examine, diagnose, and also provide appropriate treatments. An adult nurse practitioner is a primary care role. You might find yourself working in a rural community without any supervision. Hence be mentally prepared for the same.


Adult gerontology acute care nurse practitioner

As an adult gerontology acute care nurse practitioner, you will be working in hospitals and urgent care centers. Like any other acute nurse practitioner, your job will be to provide critical care to adults during medical emergencies. You will be responsible for responding to injuries and acute illnesses. You will also have to examine, diagnose, and provide proper treatments for the same. Before beginning your career as an adult-gerontology critical care nurse practitioner, you will undergo specific care needs and specialties.


Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner

If you become a Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner, you will get a chance to work at psychiatric hospitals and mental health offices. You will have to assess the patients who come to you, diagnose their mental health problems, prepare a robust treatment plan, prescribe medicines, which will allow them to feel better, and offer to counsel whenever required.


Family nurse practitioner

A family nurse practitioner will have to work in hospitals and physicians' offices. As a family nurse practitioner, you will have to look after patients of all sex, ages, color. You will be responsible for examining the patient's condition, diagnosing the issues, and accordingly providing proper treatments and medications. This career option will give you a broad scope of practice.


Gerontological nurse practitioner

As a gerontological nurse practitioner, you will be working at long-term care centers, rehabilitation centers, urgent care centers, physicians' offices, and hospitals. Your role will be a primary care provider's role where you will be treating older adults. You will be asked to assess, diagnose the problems, and accordingly treat them. You need to also focus on conditions that affect these patients.



These are some of the jobs that you will get to do as an RN. But the best way to find RN jobs in Queens is to contact the right nursing agency. You can connect with the best nursing agency to find out more information about the different jobs a licensed nurse practitioner will be able to do.



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