Different kinds of nursing jobs

The medical field is an ever-growing profession and has different kinds of nursing jobs for aspirant nurses. However, to get paid well, it’s always better to find a specialized nursing career. Since there are different nursing jobs available, an aspiring candidate needs to take some time and look at the various career opportunities that one can go for.

This article will cover the different kinds of nursing jobs that are worth paying attention to. The list of jobs will cover some vital information, for example, who they are, the education one needs to become one, and also what they do.

Licensed Practical Nurse

These nurses are known as LPNs. They work very closely with physicians and registered nurses and offer patients with essential nursing care. To gain nursing experience, LPN is an ideal route to follow. Before one can become an LPN, one has to complete their Diploma in Practical Nursing. Along with this, the candidate must clear the NCLEX-PN exam.

There is a massive demand for LPN, mainly because of the aging population. One can find themselves working in different medical settings, such as residential centers, hospices, and residential treatment centers.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are capable of many things, and they are an integral part of providing adequate help and assistance to the healthcare organization. In addition, they assist and care for growing and diverse patients. The required education is ASN or BSN. When it comes to certification, one has to clear the NCLEX-RN exam. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2029, RN positions will grow up to 7%.

Travel Nurse

When there is a workforce gap, travel nurses come to fill that gap. These are registered nurses, and you will find them working for multiple healthcare organizations. Travel nurses can travel to another country when there is an emergency need for a national crisis. They can also come and work as a replacement for nurses who are on sick or maternity leaves. To become one, a candidate has to have RN certification and must clear ASN and BSN.

Med-Surgical Nurse

These nurses are found on the surgical/medical floor of every hospital. These nurses must prove their organizational and management skills because time is of the essence for them. Med-surgical nurses can be seen assisting and providing care to multiple patients at the same time. Along with this, they work with different healthcare team members as well and hence need to have strong command over their communication skills. One will find them working closely with the surgical staff or doctors. No two days will be the same for these nurses, and they have to be at least RN certified. Moreover, the required education qualification is ASN or BSN.

Emergency Room Nurse

When patients visit hospitals and they need urgent care, emergency room nurses come into action. Emergency room nurses assist patients who have suffered from illness and life-threatening injuries. One can find them working closely with first responders and emergency medical staff. These nurses are expected to have collaboration skills and critical thinking skills.

As an emergency nurse, one could work in clinics, rural hospitals, and Level 1 trauma centers. These are registered nurses; hence RN certification is required. Moreover, when it comes to their education, the required degree is ASN, and the recommended degree is BSN.

Oncology Nurse

When it comes to assisting people who have been diagnoses with cancer or taking cancer-related treatments, it’s the oncology nurses who look after them. One can find them working with hospitals; however, they are also employed by home care organizations for patients who need nursing assistance at home. An oncology nurse has to be a registered nurse and must have oncology certified nurse certification. In addition, ASN education is required, and BSN education is recommended.

Nurse Manager

As you can guess from the team, nurse managers are the managers of a team of nurses. They also oversee a healthcare staff. Their responsibility will be to ensure that everyone is working professionally and offering a higher standard of care. These nurses must have strong communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills. To become one, one must have RN certification and should complete BSN. The recommended education qualification is MSN.


As you can see, there are different kinds of nursing jobs available. In addition to the nursing jobs that have been mentioned here, there are nurse anesthetic, nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, and more. However, the ones that are here on this list are in demand at present. To know more about nursing jobs, one can visit www.fsnursing.com.


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