Certified nursing assistant salary in the US

Certified nursing assistant jobs (CNAs) are in high demand. It’s a jib profile that offers good pay and a flexible schedule, and this is the reason why there are so many aspiring certified nursing assistant candidates.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the career prospect for certified nursing assistants is positive. According to BLS, this professional is in high demand, and the certified nursing assistant salary in the US is $30,720 per annum. Please note that the actual salary will vary from one specialization to another, the location of the service, years of experience, and many other factors.

The top tier of certified nursing assistant salary in the US is over $40,620, another report prepared by BLS. To start doing the job as CNA, one needs to complete at least 4-12 weeks of mandatory training. However, the training period will depend on the program that you apply for.

Most of the CNAs say that more than the salary, they find their job to be highly fulfilling because they get to touch many people’s lives. They are always there for the people who need them the most. The starting position will mainly revolve around offering basic assistance and care to patients they are assigned to. Also, they need to work under other senior certified nursing assistants and registered nurses.

Some of the typical responsibilities that certified nursing assistants have to look after grooming and bathing the patients, help them get up, provide timely medicines, and other assigned work. Opportunities will vary based on the skills a nursing assistant has. This job profile will provide one with ample opportunities to work on their skills, which will increase the chances of receiving a better salary.

Earning Potential

If you are a certified nursing assistant and want to get more salary, one major component that will affect your salary is where you are working. Here’s something that will clear your doubts.

General Medical and Surgical Hospitals

Certified nursing assistants that work in General Medical and Surgical Hospitals earn an average salary of $32 540. These nurses will be supervised by other senior nurses and will be given tasks to do. They might look after patients of different ages and offer a wide range of services.

Nursing Care Facilities

Certified nursing assistants working in nursing care facilities have the potential of earning $29,650. They will be responsible for providing personal care to residents.

Home Health Care Services

The certified nursing assistant's salary in the US working for home health care services is almost the same as those working for nursing care facilities. They earn around $29,310.

The good thing about certified nursing assistants is that they can earn extra money by doing overtime. You will always get paid for overtime.

Career Prospect

According to BLS, the requirement for certified nursing assistants will grow by 8% by the end of 2029. This means that there is a lot of opportunities for aspiring certified nursing assistants. The growing need will be soon seen in clinics and hospitals. However, if a CNA wants to work in a nursing home, that could be a little difficult because these nursing homes mostly rely on government funding.

As a certified nursing assistant, one needs to be prepared to work any shift. Although nursing staffing agencies can help you find the right shift, this is one professional that needs to be prepared for all kinds of shifts and challenges. Taking care of patients who need care and assistance is never easy. You may have to work on the holidays, weekends, and late nights as well. Hence, it is better to be prepared for all kinds of shifts.


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