Career Guidance for Nursing Assistant

A nursing assistant is a professional who provides healthcare assistance to patients who need them. These nurses help patients with their daily care needs. A nursing assistant will be working with and under the licensed nurse’s supervision and other doctors. The primary responsibility is to make sure that the patient is feeling comfortable throughout their stay in the hospital or the healthcare facility. Along with this, the nursing assistant has to provide information about the patient to the managing nurse and keep them up-to-date. This will involve the patient’s mental state and also the physical condition. Here is the career guidance for nursing assistant. 

Some additional responsibilities that have to be taken care of are as follows:

  • The nursing assistant has to measure the vital signs of the patient and keep them up-to-date.
  • Since the assistant nurse will be working with the managing nurse, they have to be informed and reported any changes in the patient’s health condition.
  • Documentation has to be done by the assistant nurse who must take the medical histories.
  • An assistant nurse will have to provide toileting assistance to the patients.
  • Changing bedding and making beds for the patients have to be taken care of.
  • The nurse has to assist the assigned patient by dressing them, bathing, teeth cleaning, and showing them.
  • The nurse will also have to assist patients by helping them drunk and eat.
  • A schedule will be offered to the nurse assistants, which must be followed.
  • If a patient has been assigned some exercises to do, the nurse assistant has to take care of them.

The salary that a nurse assistant will be paid will largely depend on their years of experience, qualifications, and the location they are working. However, on average, they get paid approximately $35,417 per year. Keep reading the career guidance for nursing assistant to know more.

When it comes to the requirements of becoming a nurse assistant, here are the details that you have to take care of:


To become a nursing assistant, one must complete their education from an accredited nursing assistant program. A high school diploma is a must; if not, candidates can get at least a GED. Along with this, they must enroll themselves in a vocational college or community and complete 6-12 weeks of the CNA certificate program. This program will give you training on theoretical and clinical experience.

While studying, you will be taught basic nursing skills, conducting health assessment, nutrition, human anatomy and physiology, infection control, and medical ethics.

The particular guidelines for preparing and confirming nursing colleagues differ by state, so you should figure out your state prerequisites. Most projects require that understudies have current inoculations since you will be working straightforwardly with helpless patients.


When a candidate becomes a nurse assistant and joins a healthcare facility, they will be provided with required nursing assistant training. There will be an orientation program that will introduce you to the kind of job roles and responsibilities one has to take care of. While going through the training, you will be working under and with a registered nurse. The training is vital because this is the phase where you will start learning about the paperwork and procedures. The employer may also send you classes and workshops so that you can be adequately trained. Additional training that will be provided is- health and safety, the objective of the healthcare organization, and risk management.


Every nurse assistant must get their license. For that, one has to clear the nursing license exam. This exam will encompass multiple-choice questions. The questions will be on communication skills, ethical behavior, patient’s daily needs, patient’s rights, and so on. Please note that this will be a practical test as well; hence work on your skills properly to demonstrate them.

It is advisable to earn more certifications because certifications always help you to work on your skills, demonstrate your expertise, and grow.

The critical takeaway from this article is that you need to have compassion, organizational skills, good communication skills, and be detailed orientated to work as a nurse assistant. A nurse can work in different healthcare systems, such as agencies, clinics, and hospitals.

Hence, if you want to become a nurse assistant, ensure to pursue the related education, get your license, complete your training, earn more certifications for better pay, work on your resume, start looking at the nursing assistant job listing, and finally, start looking at the nursing assistant job listing apply for jobs. If you need any support to find the right nurse assistant job, do visit


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