Biological Males Can Drink More Than Biological Females

A recent study undertaken for the purpose of determining the effect of alcohol on brain cells has made a rather unsurprising discovery. Men can drink more than women. Allow me to explain.

There is a wide body of research examining the effects of alcohol on the heart, liver, veins and arteries. All of them say that alcohol is bad for you, than later pivot to say that alcohol is good for you. So a new area needed to be investigated. The brain.

We have already known for quite some time that alcohol clears out your brain cells, often leaving a mess of burned out cells in its wake. This is known as drunkenness, and is a vice as old as time. Seeing as the effects of drunkenness on the brain is an ineffective deterrent, a different examination has been undertaken to uncover the long term effects of continuous drinking on the brain.

What they found was… nothing new.

Among the mass of brain cells destroyed by alcohol is a large quantity of brain stem cells, vital for the long term survival of the brain. Without these stem cells, the brain has very little regenerative ability, leading quickly down the road to dementia.

What they did find that was new, was that men can drink a lot more and suffer a lot less brain damage.

Now, we always knew that a man needs to drink more than a women does before getting drunk, movie producer wishes notwithstanding, but we didn’t know that a woman takes more damage from getting drunk than a man.

Now, this does not mean that ladies shouldn’t drink. Equal rights means that a woman has just as much of right to debase herself as does a man, she just shouldn’t expect the physical universe to go along with her equality. The same way she can’t ask a heavy weight not to break her finer bones. Reality never did care about anyone’s rights. No matter who they were. It’s something that makes us all vulnerable, no matter where we stand on the ladder. Any ladder.


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