Activist Study Fails To Find Evidence That Heart Attacks Are Racist

A study, one of many (of course), has recently been conducted with the aim of uncovering the ‘hidden link’ between systematic racial abuse and disease. To the surprise of nobody with real world experience whatsoever, it failed to turn up any real evidence.

The study, looking to find statistical correlations between poverty levels from poor black neighborhoods (the wealthy ones are considered to be white) and heart disease, tried to track down the level of effect each of the varying aspects of the communities had on overall health.

They found that income, social environment, and even overall cleanliness had absolutely zero effect on residents’ heart health. What had an effect was fresh food. Which is a purely lifestyle choice, especially once you realize that the free market has developed numerous options for the free delivery of fresh food.

That didn’t stop the authors of the study from trying to spin it into a racial issue, by trying to connect poverty to blackness (never mind that saying that black= poor is itself racist) and state that “black communities have increased heart risks due to high poverty levels which lead to decreased access to fresh food stores”, except that this is a purely lifestyle choice, thanks to the internet.


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