A New Medicine Promises To… Cure Heart Disease?

There is a new medicine out there, and it is currently undergoing testing.
It has met the primary and secondary goals of the study. But insurers demand more tests.
Its goal is to lower cholesterol plaque in the arteries.
So far, it is succeeding.
Cholesterol plaque in the arteries is what is known as hardening. So, in other words, this medicine reduces artery hardening, softening them. It also works on people who take things like Lipitor.
Curing heart disease.
Of course, it’s not so simple.
While the FDA has approved the drug, the fact is that this medicine costs over fourteen thousand dollars a year. Leading the insurance companies to demand some real solid guarantees about this drug, before they will pay for it.
On the plus side, the insurers are going to be buying this stuff for the folks who ordinarily couldn’t afford it. So this is no reason to go whaling on the insurers.
As it has passed the tests, however, we should see it soon in distribution.


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