10 Qualities that Make a Good Nurse

Nursing is a highly demanding job, but if you have the skills to become a nurse, you can get paid well and find job satisfaction. However, you need to have the qualities to become a nurse. This article will help you understand how to get started and cover 10 qualities that make a good nurseSee how many attributes you already have and how many need some touch-ups. Here they are:

  • You need to be compassionate

Every nurse should be compassionate towards the people they are treating. A patient may come with many worries, which means one should handle them with care and make them feel better, at least mentally, for the first visit. You will have to listen to them if they open up and engage with them. The more compassionate you will be towards the patients, the faster they will heal and spend less time in the hospitals.

  • You need to be empathetic

Empathy and compassion often go hand in hand, but there is a slight difference. Being empathetic towards someone means you can relate them to yourself. Rather than thinking that a patient is too tricky or overreacting, wait for a while and consider how you be if you were them? There can be complex patients, and there will be, but you need to understand where they are coming from and accordingly provide them the care they deserve.

  • You need to be patient

A nursing job requires a high level of patience. It’s not just the patients who will need your constant assistance, but other nurses and doctors may ask you for your help multiple times a day. In addition to these, there are family members that you need to speak with. Few days will turn out to be incredibly hectic, but you need to learn how to stay calm.

  • You need to have good communication skills

Without excellent communication skills, working in a healthcare environment will become problematic. There will be tons of queries, and you should be prompt with answers. In addition, you must give an update to your team precisely without any room for errors.

  • You need to stay calm under pressure

As mentioned earlier, nursing jobs are demanding, and you might find yourself working in a highly stressful environment for a few days, but that’s when you will be tested, and you have to prove to yourself that you have it in you.

  • You need to be detailed oriented

As a nurse, you will be given a lot of tasks. From ensuring you are giving medicines to the patients on time to keeping track of their health. Each task will need your attention. That’s why being detailed oriented is crucial. The more observant you are, the better your work will be.

  • You need to be organized

Just like being detailed oriented is essential, you need to be organized with your work. You need to know where the medicines are, keep track of the time, be ready with the reports to hand over whenever asked, and so on. In a nursing job, there is no room for error.

  • You need to be adaptable

In a nursing job, every day is a new day. There won’t be any two days alike. If you have less work one day, you will have multiple things to take care of the other day. You need to maintain an adaptable attitude to quickly get used to different things.

  • You need to be emotionally strong

Even though the nursing job allows you to help others and feel good about it, it can also make you feel highly tiresome because of overwork. When you feel low and exhausted, speak to other nurses to feel better. Also, one patient that you developed a close relationship may pass away. During these difficult times, you will have to maintain your composure.

  • You need to be non-judgmental

Everybody is a human, after all. So, there will be times when treating patients don’t seem to agree to your advice, but accept that there will be people like them and never be judgmental. So, do your good, remember your goal, and keep helping others.

Bottom Line

Now you know about the 10 qualities that make a good reason. Work on these qualities if you want to become a good nurse, and if you are looking for a nursing job, visit www.fsnursing.com.


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