Understanding The Profession Of Professional Registered Nurses In New York

The contributions offered by nurses can never be underestimated. Nurses care for their patients, and they are one of the main reasons why the healthcare industry is booming day-by-day. They look after the physical and mental health of every patient that they are assigned to. They even go out of their way to help these patients. Apart from all this, they have other things to do as well, which are monitoring, and performing the everyday routine.

Professional registered nurses in New York are hard-working employees, and they look after a host of patients. These patients can be ill, injured, suffering from life-threatening diseases, and more. Some of the nurses are specialized, and they get to work with typical patients only, for example, patients who have cancer or newborn babies.



If you are wondering about the responsibilities of professional registered nurses in New York, then they typically are medical care, communicate concerns if any, and also answer patients’ questions whenever asked. Some of the work assigned to these nurses will also vary as per their specialty and even the work environment.

Some of the work that will be included are as follows:

  • Taking care of the patient and recording, plus observing their behavior.
  • Performing physical exams from time to time.
  • Talking to patients and collecting their health histories.
  • Getting in touch with the patients and family members and counseling them when needed.
  • Talking to the patients and explaining to them about their treatment plans.
  • Administer wound care, medications, and look after other treatments.
  • Getting in touch with the supervisor and discussing the patient’s health progress.


Work Environment


The nurses in the US are all registered, and most of them work in a hospital. Some of them are also employed by different organizations, for instance, physician’s office, home healthcare services, and even by nursing care facilities. Some become part of government agencies, support services, while others look out for jobs in educational services.

Registered nurses generally and mostly work within the healthcare facilities. You will also find some nurses working in the community center, schools, homes where patients need care, and individual office. Some registered nurses are also called as travel nurses, which means they don’t have any fixed workplace environment.

The working schedule

Most of the nurses that work in hospitals and surgical departments will be working in rotation shifts so that the patients get the care 24×7 care. The number of hours nurses will work, and also the duration of their work will depend on the facility’s need. However, most of these nurses go beyond their regular shift hours to help their patients. Even for nurses’ public holidays, weekend work, and even night shifts are typical. Some registered nurses can also be called in typical hours, too, if there is a need.

Those who work in schools, physician’s offices, community health centers, and more get to enjoy more holidays than the rest. If someone is working in the school, then they will be working in the regular shifts and will also get to avail of all the school holidays.

Qualification required to become a registered nurse


To become a registered nurse, one must have a bachelor of science in nursing/ associate degree in nursing/ nursing diploma from an accredited institute. While pursuing a nursing course, one studies about human anatomy, nutrition, psychology, patient care, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, and more.


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