20 Jun Are old remedies going to make a comeback?

A small-scale preliminary trial concludes that bacteriophages — viruses that infect bacteria — might be a viable replacement for antibiotics in the future. Although antibiotics have saved countless lives throughout their long history in medicine, they are not without problems. For instance, although they destroy the bacteria...

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20 Jun A natural way to cut down on blood sugar

Also known as starvation Researchers have engineered a material that temporarily coats the small intestine and reduces the amount of glucose that enters the bloodstream during digestion. When they tested the material — which is called Luminal Coating of the Intestine (LuCI) — on rats, they found...

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03 May Can you lucid dream?

Research on sleep has long been exploring the phenomenon of lucid dreaming, and whether this can ever be achieved at will. A new study has now identified three core techniques that could help us to be at the helm of our dreams. What can you do...

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