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08 Dec Drop the chamomile, drink coffee

For centuries, the benefits of exotics cures have been touted nonstop as being the ultimate fixes for almost everything. ‘See the people of country x’ people would say, ‘they don’t have the problems that we do. We must figure out what is their secret!’ needless...

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08 Dec Melatonin connected to blood pressure

  Melatonin is an extremely common supplement, used widely to overcome such conditions as jet lag and insomnia. It actual nature is as a chemical compound produced by the body to help regulate the biological clock, controlling such things drowsiness and alertness, being awake or being...

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01 Dec Sugar Panic

Now that the professional health hysteria community has moved on from blaming fat as the source of all of their problems, they have found a new target. Sugar. Yes, sugar, that all-encompassing food item that you find in absolutely everything, is now being blamed for everything from...

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29 Nov Working out builds psychological strength, too

Resistance training may benefit some aspects of psychological well-being in older adults, according to new research from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. Muscle-strengthening activities could boost psychological well-being among seniors. The researchers — who reported their findings in the journal Quality of Life Research — came...

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