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03 May Can you lucid dream?

Research on sleep has long been exploring the phenomenon of lucid dreaming, and whether this can ever be achieved at will. A new study has now identified three core techniques that could help us to be at the helm of our dreams. What can you do...

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26 Mar Lead poisoning more widespread than thought

Excluding Chicago- style lead poisoning Long-term, low-level lead exposure may be linked with more than 256,000 premature deaths from heart disease in middle-aged and older Americans each year, according to a new study. The researchers analyzed data from 14,300 people in the United States, covering nearly 20...

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26 Mar Georgia moves on testing for lead

Georgia officials will more closely monitor how utilities in the state test water for lead. For the first time, the Georgia Division of Environmental Protection (EPD) will check the addresses where water systems take their samples to be sure those sites are at the highest risk...

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