30 Dec Hope can help you survive a heart attack

  People who expect good things to happen in the future are more likely than less-optimistic peers to survive the decades following a first heart attack, a study in Israel suggests. The results don't prove that optimism extends life, but doctors should nevertheless consider including optimism training...

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16 Dec Progress made against superbugs

For quite some time now alarms have been going off as to the unavoidable effect of the endless usage of antibiotics in these United States, namely the oncoming development of so called superbugs, bacteria that have evolved to defend themselves and be resistant to antibiotics,...

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06 Dec So, Testosterone Cures Cancer… Who knew?

Well, well, well. What have we here? For as long people today can remember, testosterone has been thoroughly demonized. It has been blamed for everything from bad behavior to prostate cancer. Yes, they blamed cancer on it. Officially. As in, testosterone is officially considered a cause of cancer. And now, a...

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