06 Apr Cure knee pain with… sugar injections?

An alternative medicine approach to joint pain that typically uses injections of sugar or sodium may be worth trying for knee osteoarthritis after traditional approaches fail, a recent review suggests. Knee osteoarthritis, a leading cause of pain and disability in older adults, occurs when flexible tissue...

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31 Mar Newsflash: grandma was right

In an indigenous group of people in South America, researchers are finding the healthiest blood vessels ever studied, thanks in part to a diet that's rich in complex carbs. The Tsimane people — who live in the Bolivian Amazon — were five times less likely to...

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10 Feb Hope for heart health

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) contributes to nearly 6 million annual deaths in the United States, and standard treatments for the condition— which is linked to obesity, stroke, heart disease and diabetes— are only effective about 70 percent of the time. But researchers at the Ohio State...

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