07 Jul Tea is bad for you

Yes, you read that right. Tea is bad for you. Or, at least regular black tea is, with its high levels of tannin, which, incidentally, is what gives the tea its color. Of course, it isn’t that simple. See, tannin is a poison that plants produce to...

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24 Jun Study says, eat more olive oil

A new study out of the University of Barcelona shows that eating a low fat diet is less effective than eating a Mediterranean diet with a lot of olive oil. The study operated by having three large groups of older patients experiment with different diets: low-fat,...

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21 Jun The backbone of the industry

The most important industry in this country, and by far the largest, is the healthcare industry. Not the insurance industry, the healthcare industry. The reasons for this are largely self-understood, as there is nothing quite as important to us as our health, and the health...

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