05 Feb Diabetic? Clean your gums

A new study highlights the importance of oral hygiene for people with type 2 diabetes, after finding that those with the condition may have better blood glucose levels if they look after their teeth. Researchers say that people with type 2 diabetes may improve their blood...

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12 Jan What must it take?

AIDS is one of the debilitating and widely feared diseases that we have today. With the ability to take out the immune system, this illness is liable to render you susceptible to every passing cold and germ that passes you by, with no real way...

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03 Jan Oxygen therapy may treat Alzheimer’s

Breathing oxygen at a higher-than-normal air pressure might ease some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, if recent research done in mice has the same results in humans. Mice genetically engineered to develop some human features of Alzheimer's disease showed significant reductions in physical and behavioral...

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