25 Oct Stress is harmful to women

Be it financial worries, work pressures, or relationship problems, we all get stressed from time to time. To what extent does stress harm us, though? According to a new study, stress may be just as detrimental to our health as junk food — for women,...

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25 Oct News on schizophrenia

In the largest study of its kind to date, 160 scientists from 27 institutions worldwide set out to examine how schizophrenia affects the brain's white matter, which is the fatty substance found in the deep tissues of the brain. To this end, the researchers examined the...

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25 Oct This might be worth looking into

Suppressing the immune system isn’t a great idea, but it may be necessary at times Roundworms, a type of intestinal parasite, may yield a cure for asthma. Researchers have found that they secrete a protein molecule that stops whoever's gut they inhabit from having allergic reactions. A...

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