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Why Sunlight Is Actually Good For You

For decades, we have been shying away from the sun, given its ties to skin cancer and premature aging. But a growing body of scientific research suggests that completely shunning sunlight isn’t such a good idea. Here is why you should soak up some sunshine every day:

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The older you are, the less TV you should watch

New research suggests that increased sedentary behavior, combined with low physical activity and increased TV watching time, drastically raises the risk of walking disability among seniors.
A new study cautions about the dangers of excessive sedentary behavior and TV watching among seniors.

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Sleeping well may cut down on Alzheimer’s risk

Older adults who are sleepy during the day might have harmful plaque building in their brain that is a sign of impending Alzheimer’s disease, researchers report.
A hallmark of Alzheimer’s is the accumulation of a protein in the brain called beta-amyloid. It’s believed that one benefit of sleep is to clear beta-amyloid, and poor sleep might allow it to build up, the authors of the new study pointed out.

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New defibrillator may do some good

A wearable heart defibrillator reduces the overall risk of early death for heart attack survivors, but not the risk of sudden cardiac death, a new study finds.
The defibrillator — housed in a lightweight vest worn directly against the skin — continuously monitors the wearer’s heart. It sounds an alarm and/or verbally announces the need for medical care if needed.

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Benefits of owning a dog (2)

Last article we discussed some of the benefits to owning a dog. Now we continue.
4. Stronger relationships and social skills
Most pet owners have a special bond with their furry friends – in fact, statistics show that more than 66 percent of dog owners and 56 percent of cat owners consider their pet to be a family member.

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Benefits of owning a dog (1)

On arriving home after a long, stressful day at work, you are greeted at the door by an overexcited four-legged friend. It can’t fail to put a smile on your face. Pet ownership is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures in life, providing companionship and giggles galore.

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Use the shvitz bud

In the first study of its kind, researchers from Finland have identified a link between regular sauna use and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in men.
Men who used saunas frequently were found to be at lower risk of dementia in the new study.
Study leader Prof. JariLaukkanen, of the University of Eastern Finland, and team recently published their findings in the journal Age and Ageing.

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Talk to your dog

It is known that talking to one’s baby improves bonding between parent and child. Well, many pet owners view their pets as their own children, but does talking to your dog in the same way as you would a human infant have the same bonding effect? A recent study suggests so.
Keep talking to your dog; it will make them like you more.

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Sleepiness may be precursor to Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s — a progressive, neurodegenerative condition — is characterized by memory loss and cognitive impairments. Early warning signs include confusion regarding habitual tasks and severe changes to behavior. But are there any less intuitive signals to watch out for?

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Is an inhaler good after expiration?

It is usually safe to use an albuterol sulfate inhaler beyond the expiry date listed on the device, although it may not be as effective as it once was.
An albuterol sulfate (Proventil, Ventolin) inhaler provides relief from asthma attacks and asthma symptoms. Most people do not use reliever inhalers every day, so they may be forgotten about and allowed to expire.
However, it is important to note that not all medications are safe or effective after their expiration dates.

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Get a dog

A new meta-analysis of 17 academic papers finds evidence that having a pet benefits people with mental health problems. The research also reviews the pet owners’ testimonials, laying out the various ways that pets offer them much-needed solace.
Pets provide invaluable support for people with mental health problems.
An increasing amount of research is pointing to the benefits of pets for people with mental health issues.

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Creation of new brain cells very low after infanthood

New research led by the University of California, San Francisco suggests that the human hippocampus, or the brain region that is important for memory and learning, stops making new cells in childhood.

Researchers find that the hippocampus produces no new brain cells after childhood.

The findings, which have been published in the journal Nature, are likely to fan the flames of an already heated debate about the human brain’s capacity to heal itself through “neurogenesis,” or the birth of new brain cells.

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Winter-Proof Your Workout

Hibernating isn’t going to burn you any calories. Winter-proof your workout and your waistline with our seasonal survival guide.
Winter Woe: Your body’s chemical switch has flipped to storing more fat.
Fix-it trick: Get your motor running. When University of Colorado researchers studied a group of 12 women and six men in both summer and winter, they discovered that their production of ATLPL, a chemical that promotes fat storage, almost doubled during the winter and dropped during the summer. But you’re not doomed to don fat pants all season, scientists say. Exercise may increase SMLPL, the muscle enzyme that promotes the burning of fat, to offset the pudge-promoting effects of ATLPL. “We found that people who are normally physically active are more protected from weight gain,” says study author Robert E. Eckel, MD. Get in at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days, whether it’s Spinning, snowshoeing, or building a snowman.

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20 Resolutions Diet Experts Want You to Make

Reasonable, purposeful suggestions from nutrition experts that will make a huge impact on your health.
Every New Year’s Eve as the ball drops, you tell yourself that thiswill be the year you’re finally going to shed those pounds. While we give you major props for wanting to lose weight and make a healthy change in your life, the only issue is that resolutions—more often than not—don’t work.

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9 Stay-Healthy Tips for the Holidays

Keep the focus on fun, not food
Most holidays are associated with certain foods. Christmas at your house might not be the same without your aunt’s green been casserole, but that doesn’t mean food has to be the main focus. Instead, throw yourself into the other rituals a holiday brings, whether it’s caroling or tree trimming.

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The Autumn Foods That Will Improve Your Health

As the seasons change so do our tastes in food. Even the healthiest eater will feel less tempted by a salad at this time of year.

But just because we crave different dishes as the weather turns colder does not mean they have to be unhealthy.

In fact much of the produce traditionally harvested at this time of year is incredibly good for our health. Did you know, for example, that pumpkins and squashes can protect against cancer and mushrooms can ward off colds, flu, heart attacks and strokes?

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Experts estimate the average American can consume thousands of calories at Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s how to approach the holiday like a nutrition pro.

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Quiz: How safe is your food?

Most food-related illnesses are due to careless food preparation at home. Test yourself with our quiz’and take your family’s food safety into your own hands

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Summer Travelers: Are Your Immunizations Current?

Nothing spoils a trip faster than getting sick. And a good way to protect yourself is by getting certain vaccinations before you leave home.

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What’s your UV IQ?

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It protects against heat, sunlight, injury, and infection.Yet, some of us don’t consider the necessity of protecting our skin

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FAT-BURNING WORKOUTS How to lose belly fat

How to lose belly fat

The secret to losing fat is actually no secret at all. What it comes down to is this: Clean, balanced eating, consistent workouts and regular, restorative sleep.

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National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, designated in 1983 by the President’s Council on Fitness to promote healthy lifestyles

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From Neti pots to spicy food, natural ways to ease congestion and fight allergy symptoms.

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30 Simple Health Tips to Try Each Day of March

Unlike “National Pancake Month” or “National Whipped Cream Month,” National Nutrition Month is a yearly occasion that you can and should celebrate for 30 days straight.

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February is National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month: How Healthy is Yours?

Aside from celebrating it by giving your loved one heart-shaped chocolates, what are you doing to protect your ticker?

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10 Great Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions This Year

10 Great Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions This Year

The start of a new year is the perfect time to turn a new page, which is probably why so many people create New Year’s Resolutions. A new year often feels like a fresh start,

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Whether you’re at the mall, at a party, or on a train or plane, you can stop yourself from getting sick and out of shape. Learn the easy ways to stay well all season long.

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7 Money-Saving, Stress-Less Holiday Shopping Tips


Shopping Survival Tricks

The leftover turkey is wrapped up and stowed in your refrigerator, the Thanksgiving pies have been devoured, and you’re ready for a long vacation.

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